Gene : Carubv10009646m.g C. rubella

Defline:  (1 of 4) K00026 - malate dehydrogenase (MDH2) Name:  ? Carubv10009646m.g
Secondary Identifier:  ? PAC:20890876

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6 Pathways

Pathway Identifier Pathway name Organism Name Analysis Method Analysis Status
Crubella PWY-7115 C4 photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle, NAD-ME type Capsella rubella pathologic  
Crubella PWY-5464 superpathway of cytosolic glycolysis (plants), pyruvate dehydrogenase and TCA cycle Capsella rubella pathologic  
Crubella PWY-561 superpathway of glyoxylate cycle and fatty acid degradation Capsella rubella pathologic  
Crubella GLUCONEO-PWY gluconeogenesis I Capsella rubella pathologic  
Crubella PWY-5690 TCA cycle II (plants and fungi) Capsella rubella pathologic  
Crubella GLYOXYLATE-BYPASS glyoxylate cycle Capsella rubella pathologic  


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0 Synonyms

4 Flanking Regions

Region Name Flank Size Direction Length Gene Included? Chromosome Location Organism Name
Carubv10009646m.g 5.0kb upstream 5.0kb upstream 7426   true scaffold_1: 18679343-18686768 Capsella rubella
Carubv10009646m.g 5.0kb upstream 5.0kb upstream 5000   false scaffold_1: 18681769-18686768 Capsella rubella
Carubv10009646m.g 5.0kb downstream 5.0kb downstream 7426   true scaffold_1: 18674343-18681768 Capsella rubella
Carubv10009646m.g 5.0kb downstream 5.0kb downstream 5000   false scaffold_1: 18674343-18679342 Capsella rubella

141 Homologs

Gene . Primary Identifier

Ortholog _ Organism . Short Name

Ortholog _ Gene . Primary Identifier
Carubv10009646m.g C. sinensis orange1.1g018314m.g
Carubv10009646m.g A. thaliana AT1G53240
Carubv10009646m.g C. papaya evm.TU.supercontig_131.66
Carubv10009646m.g R. communis 30150.t000004
Carubv10009646m.g C. rubella Cucsa.273480
Carubv10009646m.g V. vinifera GSVIVG01014231001
Carubv10009646m.g E. salsugineum Thhalv10011552m.g
Carubv10009646m.g C. clementina Ciclev10008562m.g
Carubv10009646m.g C. rubella MDP0000710761
Carubv10009646m.g L. usitatissimum Lus10038323.g
Carubv10009646m.g L. usitatissimum Lus10017939.g
Carubv10009646m.g P. trichocarpa Potri.001G376500
Carubv10009646m.g P. trichocarpa Potri.011G096300
Carubv10009646m.g G. raimondii Gorai.002G063300
Carubv10009646m.g G. raimondii Gorai.009G372600
Carubv10009646m.g C. subellipsoidea C-169 estExt_Genewise1.C_40150
Carubv10009646m.g M. sp. RCC299 fgenesh2_kg.C_Chr_08000007
Carubv10009646m.g C. rubella estExt_fgenesh1_pg.C_Chr_60162
Carubv10009646m.g T. cacao Thecc1EG031715
Carubv10009646m.g G. max Glyma.06G231500
Carubv10009646m.g G. max Glyma.12G159300
Carubv10009646m.g B. rapa FPsc Brara.H00143
Carubv10009646m.g B. rapa FPsc Brara.E01474
Carubv10009646m.g B. stricta Bostr.0124s0116
Carubv10009646m.g C. reinhardtii Cre12.g483950
Carubv10009646m.g Z. mays GRMZM2G154595
Carubv10009646m.g Z. mays GRMZM2G466833
Carubv10009646m.g M. truncatula Medtr8g463760
Carubv10009646m.g S. purpurea SapurV1A.0303s0030
Carubv10009646m.g S. purpurea SapurV1A.0020s0030

0 Rna Seq Expressions