Protein Domain : IPR008983

Type:  Domain Name:  Tumour necrosis factor-like domain
Description:  The tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-like domains are found in both TNF and C1q protein families. Structurally these domains self-associate to make a compact bell-shaped homotrimer, each monomer being composed of an anti-parallel beta-sheet sandwich with a jellyroll topology. Both TNF and C1q family members can be expressed as soluble plasma proteins or as type II membrane-bound proteins.TNF family members bind extracellularly to cysteine-rich receptors, thereby inducing a clustering of the receptors, which subsequently triggers the intracellular apoptotic cascade. The TNF proteins are important mediators in inflammation, immune responses and cytotoxicity through their interaction with the TNF-R55 and the TNF-R75 cell-surface receptors []. Other TNF family members include the CD40 ligand (C-terminal TNF-like domain) which is involved in the immune response via the CD40 receptor [], TRAIL which selectively induces apoptosis in tumour cells via DR4 and DR5 receptors [], the RANK ligand which triggers osteoclastogenesis via the RANK receptor [], and TALL-1 (soluble domain) which is involved in the immune response via the TACI, BCMA, and BAFF-R receptors [].C1q proteins also contain TNF-like domains. C1q family members include the serum protein ACRP30 (C-terminal TNF-like domain) which may be involved in energy homeostasis and obesity, and X-NC1 (C-terminal TNF-like domain) which is crucial for collagen X assembly in bone tissue []. Short Name:  Tumour_necrosis_fac-like_dom

1 Child Features

DB identifier Type Name
IPR006052 Domain Tumour necrosis factor domain

1 Contains

DB identifier Type Name
IPR021184 Conserved_site Tumour necrosis factor, conserved site

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1 Found In

DB identifier Type Name
IPR021185 Family Tumour necrosis factor family protein, CD30 ligand type

1 GO Annotation

GO Term Gene Name Organism
GO:0005515 IPR008983

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232 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
orange1.1g042465m A0A067FAR6 PAC:18104357 Citrus sinensis 324  
orange1.1g028669m A0A067GJW5 PAC:18124946 Citrus sinensis 205  
orange1.1g028720m A0A067GJW5 PAC:18124947 Citrus sinensis 205  
orange1.1g028722m A0A067GJW5 PAC:18124948 Citrus sinensis 205  
orange1.1g028690m A0A067GJW5 PAC:18124949 Citrus sinensis 205  
orange1.1g028178m A0A067FYV2 PAC:18093138 Citrus sinensis 212  
orange1.1g015975m A0A067FBP2 PAC:18095759 Citrus sinensis 397  
orange1.1g022856m A0A067FBH2 PAC:18095760 Citrus sinensis 291  
orange1.1g042830m A0A067DVY2 PAC:18128919 Citrus sinensis 173  
AT1G44100.1 Q8GUM3 PAC:19656629 Arabidopsis thaliana 480  
AT1G61670.1 Q8GYD0 PAC:19654222 Arabidopsis thaliana 513  
Thhalv10015799m V4N3Y5 PAC:20205247 Eutrema salsugineum 238  
Thhalv10023415m V4MDF2 PAC:20201280 Eutrema salsugineum 509  
Thhalv10011449m V4KUJ4 PAC:20184547 Eutrema salsugineum 477  
Ciclev10015481m V4UBJ3 PAC:20818331 Citrus clementina 402  
Ciclev10024247m V4U4Y2 PAC:20809680 Citrus clementina 212  
Ciclev10015482m V4UBJ3 PAC:20818330 Citrus clementina 402  
Carubv10009009m R0GWT6 PAC:20889180 Capsella rubella 480  
Carubv10003598m R0FK74 PAC:20907434 Capsella rubella 76  
MDP0000146671 PAC:22660016 Malus domestica 122  
MDP0000238848 PAC:22670446 Malus domestica 810  
MDP0000238851 PAC:22639727 Malus domestica 1109  
MDP0000186332 PAC:22623066 Malus domestica 839  
Lus10025218 PAC:23157421 Linum usitatissimum 240  
Potri.014G194000.1 PAC:27033788 Populus trichocarpa 309  
Potri.005G181600.1 A9PHC4 PAC:27027892 Populus trichocarpa 487  
Potri.005G181600.2 PAC:27027893 Populus trichocarpa 485  
Potri.003G047000.1 PAC:26998071 Populus trichocarpa 219  
Potri.T031800.1 PAC:26985724 Populus trichocarpa 211  
Potri.014G188700.1 PAC:27035532 Populus trichocarpa 343  

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