Protein Domain : IPR008177

Type:  Family Name:  Gamma Purothionin
Description:  Thionins are small plant proteins that are toxic to animal cells. Theproteins belong to a functionally related family, which includes alpha-and beta-thionins from wheat and barley, and gamma-purothionins. Gamma-purothionin inhibits protein translation in cell-free systems. It is a single polypeptide chain of 47 amino acids and contains 4 disulphide bridges []. The folded structure is characterised by a well-defined 3-stranded anti-parallel beta-sheet and a short alpha-helix []. Three disulphide bridges are located in the hydrophobic core between the helixand sheet, forming a cysteine-stabilised alpha-helical motif. This structure differs from that of the plant alpha- and beta- thionins, butis analogous to scorpion toxins and insect defensins. Short Name:  G_Purothionin

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IPR003614 Domain Knottin, scorpion toxin-like

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GO:0006952 IPR008177

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DB identifier Type Name
IPR008176 Family Gamma-thionin

596 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
evm.model.supercontig_138.21 PAC:16408455 Carica papaya 58  
evm.model.supercontig_2.96 PAC:16412888 Carica papaya 73  
29908.m006133 B9RJ36 PAC:16812951 Ricinus communis 77  
30225.m001709 B9RHP2 PAC:16824198 Ricinus communis 74  
Cucsa.377360.1 PAC:16981990 Cucumis sativus 56  
Cucsa.377350.1 PAC:16981989 Cucumis sativus 56  
Cucsa.228010.1 PAC:16970014 Cucumis sativus 79  
GSVIVT01010274001 D7TAI4 PAC:17822495 Vitis vinifera 77  
GSVIVT01036750001 PAC:17841598 Vitis vinifera 55  
GSVIVT01000230001 PAC:17816810 Vitis vinifera 75  
orange1.1g034999m A0A067EQQ3 PAC:18120077 Citrus sinensis 76  
AT2G02100.1 A0A178VVN9 PAC:19643428 Arabidopsis thaliana 77  
AT2G02140.1 Q9ZUL8 PAC:19638541 Arabidopsis thaliana 73  
AT2G31957.1 P82784 PAC:19638560 Arabidopsis thaliana 82  
AT2G02120.1 A0A178VN36 PAC:19638725 Arabidopsis thaliana 77  
AT5G63660.1 Q9FFP8 PAC:19666155 Arabidopsis thaliana 73  
AT1G61070.1 Q9C947 PAC:19653992 Arabidopsis thaliana 76  
AT2G02130.1 A0A178VXG1 PAC:19643419 Arabidopsis thaliana 77  
Thhalv10023787m V4KDX3 PAC:20201451 Eutrema salsugineum 79  
Thhalv10017942m V4M9J7 PAC:20181080 Eutrema salsugineum 80  
Thhalv10005235m V4KNP0 PAC:20198593 Eutrema salsugineum 73  
Thhalv10005228m V4K6A7 PAC:20200224 Eutrema salsugineum 77  
Thhalv10005229m V4KP85 PAC:20198555 Eutrema salsugineum 77  
Ciclev10026887m V4SLE8 PAC:20800388 Citrus clementina 73  
Ciclev10026889m V4UJZ8 PAC:20800389 Citrus clementina 72  
Ciclev10006362m V4S0Y0 PAC:20790834 Citrus clementina 76  
Carubv10018340m R0H6Z2 PAC:20888678 Capsella rubella 77  
Carubv10019030m R0H8K8 PAC:20886854 Capsella rubella 77  
Carubv10022448m R0GGM4 PAC:20905114 Capsella rubella 72  
Carubv10018292m R0HII5 PAC:20885825 Capsella rubella 103  

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