Protein Domain : IPR020684

Type:  Family Name:  Rho-associated protein kinase 1/2
Description:  Eukaryotic protein kinases [, , , ]are enzymes that belong to a very extensive family of proteins which share a conserved catalytic core common with both serine/threonine and tyrosine protein kinases.Rho kinases are serine/threonine kinases that are important in cell migration, cell proliferation and cell survival. Disorders of the central nervous system including stroke, inflammatory and demyelinating diseases, Alzheimer's disease and neuropathic pain may be linked to abnormal activation of Rho kinases [].This entry represents a set of Rho-associated, coiled-coil-containing, protein kinases. They phosphorylate a large number of important signalling proteins and help regulate the assembly of the actin cytoskeleton. Proteins in this entry have been shown to play a role in smooth muscle formation, and promote the formation of stress fibres and of focal adhesion complexes [, ]. Short Name:  ROCK1/ROCK2

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DB identifier Type Name
IPR029878 Family Rho-associated protein kinase 2

10 Contains

DB identifier Type Name
IPR000719 Domain Protein kinase domain
IPR011009 Domain Protein kinase-like domain
IPR002290 Domain Serine/threonine/dual specificity protein kinase, catalytic domain
IPR001849 Domain Pleckstrin homology domain
IPR000961 Domain AGC-kinase, C-terminal
IPR002219 Domain Protein kinase C-like, phorbol ester/diacylglycerol-binding domain
IPR017892 Domain Protein kinase, C-terminal
IPR017441 Binding_site Protein kinase, ATP binding site
IPR008271 Active_site Serine/threonine-protein kinase, active site
IPR015008 Domain Rho binding domain

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GO Term Gene Name Organism
GO:0004674 IPR020684
GO:0030036 IPR020684

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