Protein Domain : IPR017348

Type:  Family Name:  Serine/threonine-protein kinase pim-1/2/3
Description:  This entry represents serine/threonine-protein kinase Pim-1/2/3. They are a group of proto-oncogenes with serine/threonine kinase activity that can prevent apoptosis and promote cell survival and protein translation [, , ]. Short Name:  PIM1/2/3

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DB identifier Type Name
IPR000719 Domain Protein kinase domain
IPR011009 Domain Protein kinase-like domain
IPR002290 Domain Serine/threonine/dual specificity protein kinase, catalytic domain
IPR017441 Binding_site Protein kinase, ATP binding site
IPR008271 Active_site Serine/threonine-protein kinase, active site

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GO Term Gene Name Organism
GO:0004674 IPR017348
GO:0006468 IPR017348
GO:0043066 IPR017348

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DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
orange1.1g022617m A0A067G2N4 PAC:18135104 Citrus sinensis 294  
Gorai.006G013500.3 A0A0D2RNP8 PAC:26829832 Gossypium raimondii 303  
Aco015017.1 PAC:33044609 Ananas comosus 275  
HORVU4Hr1G056610.9 PAC:38564129 Hordeum vulgare 305  
HORVU3Hr1G069190.5 PAC:38397618 Hordeum vulgare 292  
Brasy1G213600.4.p PAC:40053090 Brachypodium sylvaticum 331  

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