Protein Domain : IPR015275

Type:  Domain Name:  Actin-fragmin kinase, catalytic domain
Description:  This domain assumes a secondary structure consisting of eight beta strands and 11 alpha-helices, organised in two lobes. It is predominantly found in actin-fragmin kinase. It is the catalytic domain that mediates the phosphorylation of actin []. Short Name:  Actin-fragmin_kin_cat_dom

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IPR011009 Domain Protein kinase-like domain

347 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
92881 D8RG08 PAC:15421425 Selaginella moellendorffii 725  
evm.model.supercontig_4.108 PAC:16419184 Carica papaya 882  
30147.m014421 B9RA78 PAC:16820432 Ricinus communis 951  
Cucsa.156940.1 PAC:16964919 Cucumis sativus 914  
GSVIVT01008633001 PAC:17821206 Vitis vinifera 873  
orange1.1g038745m A0A067EBP7 PAC:18133889 Citrus sinensis 881  
AT5G23720.2 Q75QN6 PAC:19668743 Arabidopsis thaliana 845  
AT5G23720.3 F4KE96 PAC:19668742 Arabidopsis thaliana 920  
AT5G23720.1 Q75QN6 PAC:19668741 Arabidopsis thaliana 929  
Thhalv10003616m V4K1X6 PAC:20198792 Eutrema salsugineum 935  
Ciclev10030650m V4TF40 PAC:20805593 Citrus clementina 926  
Carubv10000161m R0FDI2 PAC:20907844 Capsella rubella 927  
MDP0000146017 PAC:22669015 Malus domestica 927  
MDP0000219148 PAC:22641002 Malus domestica 1140  
Lus10043195 PAC:23168084 Linum usitatissimum 896  
Lus10032545 PAC:23146272 Linum usitatissimum 920  
Potri.015G105000.2 PAC:27018233 Populus trichocarpa 727  
Potri.015G105000.1 PAC:27018232 Populus trichocarpa 937  
Potri.012G105800.2 PAC:27050527 Populus trichocarpa 904  
Potri.012G105800.1 B9I3Y7 PAC:27050526 Populus trichocarpa 933  
Gorai.006G273300.1 A0A0D2RUG0 PAC:26831844 Gossypium raimondii 942  
Gorai.006G273300.2 A0A0D2NJ97 PAC:26831845 Gossypium raimondii 935  
Gorai.006G273300.3 A0A0D2SPD1 PAC:26831846 Gossypium raimondii 823  
Gorai.006G273300.5 A0A0D2RML0 PAC:26831847 Gossypium raimondii 799  
Gorai.006G273300.4 A0A0D2NJA0 PAC:26831848 Gossypium raimondii 713  
Gorai.006G273300.6 A0A0D2Q0K2 PAC:26831849 Gossypium raimondii 629  
mrna06440.1-v1.0-hybrid PAC:27269016 Fragaria vesca 1429  
57268 PAC:27387808 Coccomyxa subellipsoidea C-169 845  
Thecc1EG014738t2 A0A061G6F9 PAC:27448689 Theobroma cacao 799  
Thecc1EG014738t1 A0A061FZW3 PAC:27448688 Theobroma cacao 934  

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