Protein Domain : IPR029214

Type:  Family Name:  FAM183 family
Description:  The function of this family of proteins is not known. Short Name:  FAM183

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13 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
403254 D8QTK6 PAC:15405694 Selaginella moellendorffii 201  
413425 D8RPF1 PAC:15414505 Selaginella moellendorffii 214  
56282 C1MLV7 PAC:27347102 Micromonas pusilla CCMP1545 148  
Cre02.g095072.t1.1 A8JG37 PAC:30785759 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 144  
Sphfalx0075s0020.1.p PAC:32610151 Sphagnum fallax 166  
Vocar.0097s0010.1.p PAC:32888351 Volvox carteri 144  
Pp3c17_360V3.1.p PAC:32907291 Physcomitrella patens 174  
Pp3c17_360V3.2.p PAC:32907290 Physcomitrella patens 179  
Mapoly0039s0007.1.p PAC:33013634 Marchantia polymorpha 189  
Mapoly0002s0265.1.p PAC:33023359 Marchantia polymorpha 212  
Dusal.0745s00007.1.p PAC:33193331 Dunaliella salina 145  
Cz02g03040.t1 PAC:38247037 Chromochloris zofingiensis 147  
Bobra.0132s0141.1.p PAC:40717404 Botryococcus braunii Showa 144  

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