Protein Domain : IPR016150

Type:  Domain Name:  Casein kinase II, regulatory subunit, beta-sheet
Description:  Protein phosphorylation, which plays a key role in most cellular activities, is a reversible process mediated by protein kinases and phosphoprotein phosphatases. Protein kinases catalyse the transfer of the gamma phosphate from nucleotide triphosphates (often ATP) to one or more amino acid residues in a protein substrate side chain, resulting in a conformational change affecting protein function. Phosphoprotein phosphatases catalyse the reverse process. Protein kinases fall into three broad classes, characterised with respect to substrate specificity []:Serine/threonine-protein kinasesTyrosine-protein kinasesDual specificity protein kinases (e.g. MEK - phosphorylates both Thr and Tyr on target proteins)Protein kinase function is evolutionarily conserved from Escherichia coli to human []. Protein kinases play a role in a multitude of cellular processes, including division, proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation []. Phosphorylation usually results in a functional change of the target protein by changing enzyme activity, cellular location, or association with other proteins. The catalytic subunits of protein kinases are highly conserved, and several structures have been solved [], leading to large screens to develop kinase-specific inhibitors for the treatments of a number of diseases [].Casein kinase, a ubiquitous, well-conserved protein kinase involved in cell metabolism and differentiation, is characterised by its preference for Ser or Thr in acidic stretches of amino acids. The enzyme is a tetramer of 2 alpha- and 2 beta-subunits [, ]. However, some species (e.g., mammals) possess 2 related forms of the alpha-subunit (alpha and alpha'), while others (e.g., fungi) possess 2 related beta-subunits (beta and beta') []. The alpha-subunit is the catalytic unit and contains regions characteristic of serine/threonine protein kinases. The beta-subunit is believed to be regulatory, possessing an N-terminal auto-phosphorylation site, an internal acidic domain, and a potential metal-binding motif []. The beta subunit is a highly conserved protein of about 25kDa that contains, in its central section, a cysteine-rich motif, CX(n)C, that could be involved in binding a metal such as zinc []. The mammalian beta-subunit gene promoter shares common features with those of other mammalian protein kinases and is closely related to the promoter of the regulatory subunit of cAMP-dependent protein kinase [].This entry represents the C-terminal beta-sheet domain. Short Name:  Casein_kin_II_reg-sub_b-sht

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IPR000704 Family Casein kinase II, regulatory subunit

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GO:0019887 IPR016150
GO:0005956 IPR016150

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DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
171719 D8RIB3 PAC:15411231 Selaginella moellendorffii 255  
35978 D8RBH5 PAC:15410272 Selaginella moellendorffii 209  
36605 D8QVV5 PAC:15410728 Selaginella moellendorffii 207  
evm.model.supercontig_98.66 PAC:16429227 Carica papaya 249  
evm.model.supercontig_98.67 PAC:16429228 Carica papaya 266  
29709.m001188 B9SKF5 PAC:16806405 Ricinus communis 338  
29822.m003509 B9RUR0 PAC:16809877 Ricinus communis 259  
29726.m004102 B9RTB0 PAC:16806812 Ricinus communis 260  
30183.m001296 B9RRL8 PAC:16822981 Ricinus communis 865  
Cucsa.266020.1 A0A0A0LL08 PAC:16973338 Cucumis sativus 295  
Cucsa.313690.1 A0A0A0LFA7 PAC:16977036 Cucumis sativus 291  
GSVIVT01018326001 PAC:17828313 Vitis vinifera 288  
orange1.1g023046m A0A067HC53 PAC:18136924 Citrus sinensis 288  
orange1.1g023888m A0A067HCD6 PAC:18136925 Citrus sinensis 275  
orange1.1g025330m A0A067HCE1 PAC:18136926 Citrus sinensis 254  
orange1.1g025636m A0A067H0Q8 PAC:18136927 Citrus sinensis 250  
orange1.1g026009m A0A067H3D6 PAC:18136928 Citrus sinensis 245  
orange1.1g026677m A0A067H0B9 PAC:18136929 Citrus sinensis 235  
orange1.1g037001m A0A067EP96 PAC:18103372 Citrus sinensis 284  
AT3G60250.1 Q24JI1 PAC:19663979 Arabidopsis thaliana 276  
AT4G17640.2 F4JP94 PAC:19645040 Arabidopsis thaliana 277  
AT2G44680.2 O80507 PAC:19643065 Arabidopsis thaliana 282  
AT2G44680.1 O80507 PAC:19643064 Arabidopsis thaliana 283  
AT5G47080.2 F4KIZ3 PAC:19668943 Arabidopsis thaliana 256  
AT3G60250.2 B3H4P8 PAC:19663980 Arabidopsis thaliana 275  
AT5G47080.1 P40228 PAC:19668941 Arabidopsis thaliana 287  
AT4G17640.1 Q541V5 PAC:19645039 Arabidopsis thaliana 282  
AT5G47080.3 F4KIZ2 PAC:19668944 Arabidopsis thaliana 253  
AT5G47080.4 F4KIZ0 PAC:19668942 Arabidopsis thaliana 282  
Thhalv10025930m V4MR64 PAC:20193135 Eutrema salsugineum 283  

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