Protein Domain : IPR024079

Type:  Domain Name:  Metallopeptidase, catalytic domain
Description:  This entry represents the catalytic domain of different metallopeptidases. It consists of a three layer alpha-beta-alpha sandwich. Short Name:  MetalloPept_cat_dom

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DB identifier Type Name
IPR029463 Domain Lysine-specific metallo-endopeptidase

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GO Term Gene Name Organism
GO:0008237 IPR024079

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1185 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
109426 D8S5R0 PAC:15404120 Selaginella moellendorffii 270  
230641 D8R317 PAC:15415447 Selaginella moellendorffii 287  
evm.model.supercontig_132.47 PAC:16408143 Carica papaya 575  
evm.model.supercontig_29.169 PAC:16416198 Carica papaya 368  
evm.model.supercontig_5.334 PAC:16421456 Carica papaya 357  
evm.model.supercontig_52.141 PAC:16422000 Carica papaya 131  
28619.m000044 B9T8P6 PAC:16801278 Ricinus communis 325  
29620.m000545 B9SSI5 PAC:16803798 Ricinus communis 594  
29633.m000915 B9SLT5 PAC:16804175 Ricinus communis 187  
29736.m002110 B9S2J2 PAC:16807215 Ricinus communis 364  
29822.m003413 B9RUG6 PAC:16809783 Ricinus communis 311  
29822.m003414 B9RUG7 PAC:16809784 Ricinus communis 321  
29841.m002908 B9RVB7 PAC:16810621 Ricinus communis 247  
27428.m000110 B9T6S0 PAC:16798283 Ricinus communis 226  
30174.m008806 B9RD50 PAC:16822451 Ricinus communis 363  
30324.m000024 B9THX3 PAC:16824344 Ricinus communis 260  
30977.m000015 B9TFH9 PAC:16824741 Ricinus communis 414  
32108.m000021 B9TJ10 PAC:16825301 Ricinus communis 131  
32276.m000033 B9TFF8 PAC:16825361 Ricinus communis 250  
33516.m000029 B9TFY4 PAC:16825879 Ricinus communis 111  
Cucsa.356590.1 PAC:16980319 Cucumis sativus 185  
Cucsa.356580.1 PAC:16980318 Cucumis sativus 291  
Cucsa.158770.1 PAC:16965170 Cucumis sativus 267  
Cucsa.158710.1 A0A0A0KS47 PAC:16965164 Cucumis sativus 313  
Cucsa.158720.1 PAC:16965165 Cucumis sativus 295  
Cucsa.158730.1 PAC:16965166 Cucumis sativus 293  
Cucsa.158740.1 A0A0A0KU08 PAC:16965167 Cucumis sativus 316  
Cucsa.158750.1 A0A0A0KS39 PAC:16965168 Cucumis sativus 319  
Cucsa.158760.1 PAC:16965169 Cucumis sativus 291  
Cucsa.158780.1 PAC:16965171 Cucumis sativus 292  

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