Gene : Cucsa.273480 C. sativus

Defline:  (1 of 4) K00026 - malate dehydrogenase (MDH2) Name:  ? Cucsa.273480
Secondary Identifier:  ? PAC:16973831

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6 Pathways

Pathway Identifier Pathway name Organism Name Analysis Method Analysis Status
Csativus PWY-561 superpathway of glyoxylate cycle and fatty acid degradation Cucumis sativus pathologic  
Csativus PWY-5464 superpathway of cytosolic glycolysis (plants), pyruvate dehydrogenase and TCA cycle Cucumis sativus pathologic  
Csativus PWY-7115 C4 photosynthetic carbon assimilation cycle, NAD-ME type Cucumis sativus pathologic  
Csativus GLUCONEO-PWY gluconeogenesis I Cucumis sativus pathologic  
Csativus GLYOXYLATE-BYPASS glyoxylate cycle Cucumis sativus pathologic  
Csativus PWY-5690 TCA cycle II (plants and fungi) Cucumis sativus pathologic  


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0 Synonyms

4 Flanking Regions

Region Name Flank Size Direction Length Gene Included? Chromosome Location Organism Name
Cucsa.273480 5.0kb upstream 5.0kb upstream 7729   true scaffold02511: 582921-590649 Cucumis sativus
Cucsa.273480 5.0kb upstream 5.0kb upstream 5000   false scaffold02511: 585650-590649 Cucumis sativus
Cucsa.273480 5.0kb downstream 5.0kb downstream 7729   true scaffold02511: 577921-585649 Cucumis sativus
Cucsa.273480 5.0kb downstream 5.0kb downstream 5000   false scaffold02511: 577921-582920 Cucumis sativus

147 Homologs

Gene . Primary Identifier

Ortholog _ Organism . Short Name

Ortholog _ Gene . Primary Identifier
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus evm.TU.supercontig_131.66
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus 30150.t000004
Cucsa.273480 M. polymorpha Mapoly0134s0005
Cucsa.273480 D. salina Dusal.0830s00004
Cucsa.273480 P. trichocarpa early-release Potri.001G376500
Cucsa.273480 P. trichocarpa early-release Potri.011G096300
Cucsa.273480 B. oleracea capitata Bol035102
Cucsa.273480 B. oleracea capitata Bol039124
Cucsa.273480 B. oleracea capitata Bol026715
Cucsa.273480 A. thaliana early-release AT3G15020
Cucsa.273480 A. thaliana early-release AT1G53240
Cucsa.273480 S. tuberosum PGSC0003DMG400015379
Cucsa.273480 S. tuberosum PGSC0003DMG400012395
Cucsa.273480 A. occidentale early-release Anaoc.0020s0522
Cucsa.273480 P. virgatum early-release Pavir.3KG217500
Cucsa.273480 P. virgatum early-release Pavir.3KG217600
Cucsa.273480 P. virgatum early-release Pavir.3KG214200
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus GSVIVG01014231001
Cucsa.273480 C. sinensis orange1.1g018314m.g
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus AT3G15020
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus AT1G53240
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Thhalv10011552m.g
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Ciclev10008562m.g
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Carubv10009646m.g
Cucsa.273480 M. domestica MDP0000710761
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Lus10038323.g
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Lus10017939.g
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Potri.001G376500
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Gorai.002G063300
Cucsa.273480 C. sativus Gorai.009G372600

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