Protein Domain : IPR004328

Type:  Domain Name:  BRO1 domain
Description:  The BRO1 domain is a protein domain of ~390 residues in length. It occurs in a number of eukaryotic proteins, such as yeast BRO1 and human PDCD6IP/Alix, which are involved in protein targeting to the vacuole or lysosome. The BRO1 domain of fungal and mammalian proteins binds with multivesicular body components (ESCRT-III proteins) such as yeast Snf7 and mammalian CHMP4b, and can function to target BRO1 domain-containing proteins to endosomes [, , ].The BRO1 domain has a boomerang shape composed of 14 alpha-helices and 3 beta-sheets. It contains a TPR-like substructure in the central part []. The C terminus is less conserved. Short Name:  BRO1_dom

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1185 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
270443 D8QZV8 PAC:15420304 Selaginella moellendorffii 412  
447112 D8SWT5 PAC:15422934 Selaginella moellendorffii 437  
102692 D8RVD3 PAC:15407659 Selaginella moellendorffii 867  
79322 D8QVP1 PAC:15401287 Selaginella moellendorffii 364  
81908 D8R0M4 PAC:15412030 Selaginella moellendorffii 550  
evm.model.supercontig_1.212 PAC:16404136 Carica papaya 266  
evm.model.supercontig_168.6 PAC:16410516 Carica papaya 191  
evm.model.supercontig_257.5 PAC:16414989 Carica papaya 266  
evm.model.supercontig_65.100 PAC:16424356 Carica papaya 868  
28565.m000327 B9T1V1 PAC:16801105 Ricinus communis 683  
28883.m000749 B9ST34 PAC:16801949 Ricinus communis 380  
30009.m000824 B9S0R0 PAC:16815605 Ricinus communis 420  
30131.m007008 B9RH16 PAC:16818833 Ricinus communis 416  
30131.m007275 B9RGI6 PAC:16819096 Ricinus communis 419  
Cucsa.122370.2 A0A0A0LTW5 PAC:16961463 Cucumis sativus 429  
Cucsa.122370.1 PAC:16961459 Cucumis sativus 439  
Cucsa.122370.10 A0A0A0LTW5 PAC:16961460 Cucumis sativus 429  
Cucsa.122370.11 A0A0A0LTW5 PAC:16961461 Cucumis sativus 429  
Cucsa.122370.4 A0A0A0LTW5 PAC:16961465 Cucumis sativus 429  
Cucsa.122370.8 A0A0A0LTW5 PAC:16961469 Cucumis sativus 429  
Cucsa.280570.1 PAC:16974232 Cucumis sativus 568  
Cucsa.283840.1 A0A0A0KR44 PAC:16974614 Cucumis sativus 379  
Cucsa.283840.2 PAC:16974615 Cucumis sativus 288  
Cucsa.300800.1 A0A0A0LBS0 PAC:16975623 Cucumis sativus 417  
Cucsa.300800.2 PAC:16975624 Cucumis sativus 414  
GSVIVT01033018001 D7SVK0 PAC:17838849 Vitis vinifera 419  
GSVIVT01024250001 D7T7E0 PAC:17832501 Vitis vinifera 426  
GSVIVT01011794001 PAC:17823567 Vitis vinifera 822  
GSVIVT01011940001 D7T985 PAC:17823688 Vitis vinifera 378  
GSVIVT01034360001 D7TXY3 PAC:17839865 Vitis vinifera 419  

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