Protein Domain : IPR007502

Type:  Domain Name:  Helicase-associated domain
Description:  This presumed domain is about 90 amino acid residues in length. It is found as a diverse set of RNA helicases. Its function is unknown, however it seems likely to be involved in nucleic acid binding. Short Name:  Helicase-assoc_dom

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DB identifier Type Name
IPR010225 Family RNA helicase, ATP-dependent DEAH box, HrpB-type
IPR010222 Family RNA helicase HrpA

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GO Term Gene Name Organism
GO:0004386 IPR007502

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1185 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
173103 D8RP98 PAC:15412444 Selaginella moellendorffii 962  
50132 D8S5Z7 PAC:15403700 Selaginella moellendorffii 908  
82212 D8R071 PAC:15409607 Selaginella moellendorffii 1040  
177444 D8S6F3 PAC:15404071 Selaginella moellendorffii 1426  
173775 D8RS77 PAC:15417164 Selaginella moellendorffii 900  
76120 D8QS09 PAC:15413436 Selaginella moellendorffii 698  
414740 PAC:15419690 Selaginella moellendorffii 1088  
419303 D8S8H4 PAC:15408771 Selaginella moellendorffii 1665  
233605 D8SBX5 PAC:15401686 Selaginella moellendorffii 545  
429199 D8T5D1 PAC:15414793 Selaginella moellendorffii 1141  
437743 D8QTB0 PAC:15420543 Selaginella moellendorffii 1420  
74832 D8QQ48 PAC:15412906 Selaginella moellendorffii 1055  
98008 D8RP87 PAC:15410517 Selaginella moellendorffii 878  
98495 D8RNP0 PAC:15413842 Selaginella moellendorffii 850  
evm.model.supercontig_3.449 PAC:16416756 Carica papaya 623  
evm.model.supercontig_1.137 PAC:16404052 Carica papaya 716  
evm.model.supercontig_104.19 PAC:16405022 Carica papaya 1039  
evm.model.supercontig_151.33 PAC:16409551 Carica papaya 1328  
evm.model.supercontig_18.90 PAC:16411481 Carica papaya 732  
evm.model.supercontig_30.33 PAC:16416981 Carica papaya 142  
evm.model.supercontig_50.120 PAC:16421578 Carica papaya 900  
evm.model.supercontig_54.50 PAC:16422403 Carica papaya 476  
evm.model.supercontig_55.67 PAC:16422635 Carica papaya 1447  
evm.model.supercontig_65.86 PAC:16424499 Carica papaya 1019  
evm.model.supercontig_7.26 PAC:16425175 Carica papaya 308  
evm.model.supercontig_701.2 PAC:16425396 Carica papaya 851  
evm.model.supercontig_94.15 PAC:16428750 Carica papaya 391  
27632.m000168 B9T357 PAC:16798856 Ricinus communis 1031  
28644.m000943 B9SMB4 PAC:16801399 Ricinus communis 1269  
29333.m001052 B9SDJ7 PAC:16802667 Ricinus communis 994  

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