Protein Domain : IPR007714

Type:  Family Name:  Cilia/flagella-associated protein 20/WDR90/C3orf67
Description:  This entry includes cilia- and flagella-associated protein 20 (CFA20), WD repeat-containing protein 90 (WDR90) and uncharacterised human protein C3orf67. CFA20 is a cilium- and flagellum-specific protein that plays a role in axonemal structure organisation and motility [, ]. In Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, it stabilises outer doublet microtubules (DMTs) of the axoneme and may work as a scaffold for intratubular proteins, such as tektin and PACRG, to produce the beak structures in DMT1 [, ]. Short Name:  CFA20/WDR90/C3orf67

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IPR030467 Family Uncharacterised protein C3orf67
IPR030466 Family WD repeat-containing protein 90

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DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
117290 D8SHM6 PAC:15404102 Selaginella moellendorffii 194  
172529 D8RM50 PAC:15412626 Selaginella moellendorffii 190  
130480 D8T2G5 PAC:15421880 Selaginella moellendorffii 209  
96514 D8RM63 PAC:15408412 Selaginella moellendorffii 190  
evm.model.supercontig_82.9 PAC:16427119 Carica papaya 221  
30040.m000264 B9SVG6 PAC:16816010 Ricinus communis 186  
Cucsa.307780.2 PAC:16976234 Cucumis sativus 113  
Cucsa.307780.1 PAC:16976233 Cucumis sativus 190  
GSVIVT01036607001 PAC:17841497 Vitis vinifera 190  
GSVIVT01028667001 PAC:17835716 Vitis vinifera 224  
orange1.1g034565m A0A067E169 PAC:18116311 Citrus sinensis 91  
orange1.1g048658m A0A067DSS4 PAC:18116315 Citrus sinensis 83  
orange1.1g035198m A0A067D846 PAC:18104426 Citrus sinensis 70  
AT3G12300.1 Q93ZI1 PAC:19658563 Arabidopsis thaliana 190  
Thhalv10021577m V4M8S8 PAC:20183906 Eutrema salsugineum 191  
Thhalv10021573m V4M8S8 PAC:20183907 Eutrema salsugineum 191  
Thhalv10021579m V4M1U2 PAC:20183908 Eutrema salsugineum 190  
Ciclev10002585m PAC:20788672 Citrus clementina 190  
Carubv10015059m R0HPY5 PAC:20900798 Capsella rubella 190  
MDP0000121309 PAC:22674561 Malus domestica 334  
MDP0000319423 PAC:22624124 Malus domestica 241  
MDP0000266998 PAC:22643619 Malus domestica 275  
MDP0000158224 PAC:22623413 Malus domestica 94  
MDP0000264939 PAC:22623414 Malus domestica 221  
MDP0000245000 PAC:22651370 Malus domestica 264  
MDP0000310737 PAC:22640602 Malus domestica 302  
Lus10005383 PAC:23155597 Linum usitatissimum 212  
Potri.003G193900.1 PAC:26996352 Populus trichocarpa 216  
Potri.003G193900.2 PAC:26996353 Populus trichocarpa 191  
Potri.019G076000.1 PAC:27026356 Populus trichocarpa 62  

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