Protein Domain : IPR028324

Type:  Family Name:  Serine/threonine-protein kinase CTR1
Description:  This entry represent plant serine/threonine-protein kinase CTR1 and EDR1. AtCTR1 (At5g03730) acts as a negative regulator in the ethylene response pathway []. Short Name:  CTR1

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GO:0004672 IPR028324

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399 Proteins

DB identifier UniProt Accession Secondary Identifier Organism Name Length
10499 D8SYB4 PAC:15421970 Selaginella moellendorffii 675  
evm.model.supercontig_128.50 PAC:16407476 Carica papaya 681  
evm.model.supercontig_5.78 PAC:16421530 Carica papaya 642  
29092.m000453 B9SRG7 PAC:16802274 Ricinus communis 871  
Cucsa.378570.1 PAC:16982070 Cucumis sativus 870  
Cucsa.378570.2 PAC:16982071 Cucumis sativus 835  
Cucsa.083130.1 H6WP26 PAC:16956378 Cucumis sativus 852  
Cucsa.083130.11 H6WP26 PAC:16956380 Cucumis sativus 852  
Cucsa.083130.3 H6WP26 PAC:16956383 Cucumis sativus 852  
Cucsa.083130.6 H6WP26 PAC:16956386 Cucumis sativus 852  
Cucsa.083130.9 H6WP26 PAC:16956389 Cucumis sativus 852  
GSVIVT01034710001 D7UBV2 PAC:17840095 Vitis vinifera 758  
orange1.1g005247m A0A067E4B6 PAC:18113154 Citrus sinensis 706  
orange1.1g005244m A0A067E4B6 PAC:18113155 Citrus sinensis 706  
orange1.1g005251m A0A067E4B6 PAC:18113156 Citrus sinensis 706  
orange1.1g006703m A0A067DSV9 PAC:18113157 Citrus sinensis 634  
orange1.1g009291m A0A067E5C5 PAC:18113158 Citrus sinensis 538  
orange1.1g009275m A0A067E5C5 PAC:18113159 Citrus sinensis 538  
orange1.1g009295m A0A067E5C5 PAC:18113160 Citrus sinensis 538  
orange1.1g012198m A0A067DWZ5 PAC:18113161 Citrus sinensis 468  
orange1.1g030203m A0A067D5F7 PAC:18113956 Citrus sinensis 181  
orange1.1g031134m A0A067D1V6 PAC:18113957 Citrus sinensis 165  
orange1.1g027225m A0A067D1B8 PAC:18113953 Citrus sinensis 226  
orange1.1g029552m A0A067DCL8 PAC:18113954 Citrus sinensis 191  
orange1.1g029561m A0A067DCL8 PAC:18113955 Citrus sinensis 191  
AT5G03730.2 Q0WUI6 PAC:19672571 Arabidopsis thaliana 821  
AT5G03730.1 Q0WUI6 PAC:19672570 Arabidopsis thaliana 821  
Thhalv10012708m V4L9E3 PAC:20203436 Eutrema salsugineum 815  
Ciclev10030799m V4T9I7 PAC:20805279 Citrus clementina 737  
Ciclev10031186m V4TE82 PAC:20805284 Citrus clementina 538  

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